SKIP TRACE-reports that are more Excel friendly?

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I'd like the Skip Trace reports to be more Excel friendly. Currently, I use TLO and download as .txt file. Then, put in spreadsheet. I can use 'split columns' or 'macros' to separate the data. Like, addresses are all one line with (dates lived there) at end of zip code. 

Is there a Skip Trace company that has reports formatted differently? Easier to input into a spreadsheet? 

Besides TLO has gotten very pricey!

Any recommendations???

thank you!

Hi, you can try Landvoice. We've used it and they have a pay-as-you-go custom pull product if you talk to them. You can either email them a CSV file using their template (which you can make using Excel or Google Sheets) or you can upload it directly in their system. Then after it's processed, you can download a CSV which you can easily open in Excel or Google Sheets.