The right equipment to start a Vlog

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Hello BP community! I am going to start a youtube channel and do some videos for facebook, and I am wondering what is the best equipment to use while starting out. I know I will need a dslr camera, a mic, some kind of lighting and a tri-pod. I was wondering for those of you doing this what equipment are you currently using, what are some rookie mistakes I can avoid and what is a good training/teaching resource for a beginner in the Vlog sphere. Thank you all so much!!

Hey Billy - I use a Canon M50. Seems to be pretty vlog friendly. I started out using my Iphone 11 Pro at first, it did just fine if you pair it with some air pods or a decent mic. The top microphone to pair with your Canon would be something Rode brand. I think the one I have is like $49-65. Check out some of my content here and you'll see how the camera and mic sound/work. youtubecom/c/brandonthomasofficial

Leave a comment on one of my videos and subscribe and i'll subscribe right back to see how things turn out for you!


Thanks Brandon! I appreciate your feedback! I will check out your content and be sure to subscribe! I haven't created a channel yet but I will let you know when I do.  

I'm not speaking from experience but rather tons of reviews, but Sony built the ZV-1 specifically with VLOGgers in mind. You may want to give that a peak to see if it meets your needs.