How to Promote REI Networking Events Post-Pandemic?

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So, now that things are getting back to normal, at least here in Texas, I fired up my old Meetup Group and announced our first meetup in a very long time.

Does anyone have an tips they’d be willing to share for promoting a real estate investing event? I’ve been to some massive events with hundreds of people, and am amazed by the attendance.

What makes you want to go to an REI event? What turns you off? What should we make crystal clear about it and what should we avoid?

Any specific ideas that drew you to an event or that you used to help draw a crowd of investors, I’d love to hear it.

Thank you!

Also, anyone here on clubhouse? Drop your username and I’ll follow you there too.

@Duane Alexander

I’ve spent hundred of thousands of dollars on PPC ads for motivated seller leads and millions in other industries.

You better answer that phone immediately, if not catch them in live chat on the landing page. You don’t want them going back to the search engine result page and clicking a competitor.

PPC is like 4 hungry investors sharks swarming around a foreclosure listing. That lead has options, so you gotta answer the phone and close them fast.