Fixing up a unit that a bed tenet left a mess

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I have kicked out my first tenet, and as I thought he left the place a disaster. Nothing too major but will definitely need some work done. I am looking for any suggestions on where to start on finding people to fix it up. Are there companies out there that  specialize in this sort of thing? Any info or feedback is appreciated! The house is in the South Florida (Boynton Beach) are. 

I am also looking for suggestions on whether or not to go after him for the $3,000 he still owes me.


Take a lot of pictures to document the condition of the property. Absolutely go after him for the amount owed. Make sure you add in the damages beyond normal wear and tear that his security deposit doesn't cover. It may not seem worth your time now, but you never know when his circumstances may change and he'll be forced to pay the debt to get a future loan.

Consider this as part of landlord growing up lesson.  I will start with Craigslist or do it yourself.  Good people are making beaucoup bucks servicing disastrous areas not interested this small project.

You need to understand why it took that long to get him out. Small claims court. Even you win the likelihood of he will pay you is low. He can file bankruptcy and wipe out all debts.


I just had a company remodel a bathroom in my rental in boynton beach. Thy are based in boynton and I know they do much more than just bathrooms. Might be worth a conversation with them. PM me if you want to connect.


Depending what needs done, I would use in same market as you.  I have had about 90% success rate hiring for jobs on there.  I tend to piece it out and oversee, so I've never used a general contractor though.