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Hi. We are finishing up a fully furnished rental in Las Vegas, NV. Looking to rent 30+ days at a time, to traveling hospital workers - or contractors looking to house their superintendents for long periods of time.  Obviously going to start on Airbnb and vrbo - but with the fees, and not renting short term, I was wondering if there is a better platform to use? Zillow, Craiglist?  Hoping someone has some previous experience.  

you can try furnished finder, they charge a one time listing fee, and have ok reach, platform has room for improvement but you'll get some leads. 

Another thing i'd recommend is calling up agency's ir hospitals directly, they often have recommendation lists they give their travelling staff and are usually happy to add you. 

I'd recommend furnished finder as well. If you want to go directly to your clients then join the Gypsy travel nurse housing groups on FB. 

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@Bonnie Johnson

Hey Bonnie, is a good platform for getting renters. I posted my room for rent on there and they posted it to a few sights.

On a side note if you are planning on doing Airbnb or Short term rentals you should check with the city. In Vegas they only allow a certain number of STRs within a certain distance of each other. They have a map online that shows you if you qualify to offer STR. Also they require a specific business license, inspection, and additional code requirements for STRs. Hope this helps. :)

Through my research on the same topic, I've found Furnished Finder to be the "go to" for most travel nurses. For higher level providers you may have better luck making a connection with HR. The intricacies of those contracts could create a slightly different rental process than the typical travel nurse/respiratory therapist/etc.