Real estate Investment opportunities

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If any of you had 30k to invest into real estate from a private lender, what would you all do with it?? I'm just getting started into real estate and looking for a good way to get my foot into the door and make sure my lender gets paid back and I make money as well. Thanks in advance.

Keep looking for more money and properties! $30k won't get you far, and investment opportunities are the tougher part of the equation these days. 

@Leonard Wade McMillan

You are asking what I would do :).... so, that's more than I need for a buy and hold rental in the louisville market.

I would take about 20k of the 30k and pay my lender for a property that I would BRRRR!

Depending on your credit and how good of a deal you find, that will be enough for a deal in the Midwest market :). Your cash on cash return would be solid!

Just a thought here... it is opinion based.

@Leonard Wade McMillan Do you have the time, hustle and skills to BRRRR? A good BRRRR would allow you to pull your capital back out, pay your lender, and have a cashflowing property. Then go do it again. I make it sound simple, but it isn't necessarily easy to get started. You now need to find a great market, dealfinder, and team to help you on your path.