In 2018, I purchased a triplex $40,000 cash. Rent was 1750/mo. Since then, two tenants have moved out and we’ve begun a massive reno. I suspect it will be $25-30k to finish. Existing tenant pays $525/mo  

In summer 2019, I purchased a 11 unit property - 4 were rented @ $2700/mo total. Purchase price was $300k.

I used a bit of cash plus the equity of the initial property to put them together in a loan of $270k.

Since then I’ve put in an additional $50k into the properties in total.

Today, the big building is rented 10/11 units totaling $8,800/mo

After lending costs, management fees, and utilities, I net about $2,500/mo from both properties combined.

Last month I got an unsolicited “would you sell the building” from a local realtor. He offered $400k on the spot.

It got me thinking - the big building has to be worth a ton more than it was just a year ago with more rent, right? So I need an appraisal to figure out how much more and ultimately, I’d like to pull that excess cash out and refi at a lower rate (I’m at 6% now!). 
local banker isn’t interested / and another bank said they’d refi the existing loan for 5.3%. Wow. What a deal :/

Am I crazy? any advice?