My question is- why is everyone in a rush to invest in real estate . I get that you can make money on it.

I see all these posts about real estate investments and working the numbers. Most sound ok at best. I was buying at better prices and interest rates up to 5 percent a few years ago. My houses are double in the value now and I bought when the interest rate was ”high”. My rents are cheaper in the area now and I have 100 percent occupancy. My investment timeline is 30 years when I buy. Taking 1-2 years off to wait from a decent price, sounds a lot better then what I am seeing. I see properties that could never sell two years ago, selling in two days , they all require min 30k work if holding more then 5 years. I just can’t wait to get these same properties in 5 years from people paying near double what they are worth today .

Why are people not waiting for at least evictions or sheriff sales to happen again? Supply and demand!!