BRRRR Refinance at 75% LTV?

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Hi all! I am working on a BRRRR deal in NY and the last piece to fit the puzzle is making sure I have the refinance approved. So far all lenders are saying that post covid they are only doing up to 70% LTV. Does anyone have a recommendation for a lender that will do 75%?

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@Beverly Gutman I just sent you a DM.  A great place people can start is under the hard money lenders tab under the net work tab here on BP.  Many of those lenders also offer 30 year fixed commercial rental loans alongside their actual hard money programs. 

@Beverly Gutman most of the Hard Money Lenders I know are lending at 75% LTV. Now, some might say something like "If this is your first deal ever, we will limit you to 70% LTV". So there might be something like happening but we want to target lenders that write 75% of the ARV. Network with some real estate investors in your area for best results. Seek out Lean on facebook groups. Keep searching. I think you can find this in your BUY step.