Insurance Company

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Anyone have recomendations on a good insurance company for Louisville Ky investment properties?

PM sent with a couple contacts

Michael, You could send that my way also, if you don't mind. I plan to do some shopping in the next few months.


I am late to the party on this one. However, I am a Louisvillian in the insurance industry. I don't do direct sales, but work in marketing for a company that sells through independent brokers.

The last couple years have gotten really beaten up in the habitational markets. Remember the hail storm before Derby in 2012. Our company alone paid out 20 million in that one day.

It you own less than 8 or 9 units most personal lines companies will take you. Beyond that you have to go on a commercial form.

I am biased but I would stick with an Independent Agent because they will have more options, especially if your portfolio grows.

Jason Roberts at Edward Frank Insurance focuses on this niche and I know he has access to markets a lot of agents don't.

I would be interested in recommended insurance companies/agents as well. I'm a new investor and currently only have a condo that I'm renting, but any suggestions would be appreciated.


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