Seattle-area Tacoma-area contractors referrals?

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I have two projects where the GC fell through. I am looking for contractor referrals in the Seattle Tacoma area who are available now, reliable.

1) Flip is about 50-60K and 2) B class rental makeover 20-25K

Would prefer licensed and bonded GCs to run projects, especially the larger project, but I can GC if needed.

Trades I'm looking:

GC to handle most

Plumbing (repairs and move a sink drain 7 feet on same wall)

Carpenter (fix & install doors, trim, rebuild deck)

Window installer (can install and trim)

Electrician to make some repairs on wiring

I have painter, flooring, roofing, kitchen/bath cabinets covered

Thank you!

All contractors don't cover this entire area but I use some more in the South Sound Tacoma area. I get a lot of my referrals from the Rental Housing Association of Puget Sound.

Plumbing - Spartan Services Inc.

Electrical - Paul Hughes of Hertz Electric 

I used these and their prices are more reasonable than some of the competition, they are licensed and do quality work. Here is a link to the RHA's Vendor Directory:

@Angel Prentiss send me message thought BP messaging system and I'll be glad to share GC that can do a good job for you in your area.

I am a real estate agent in your area. I have a few excellent contractors I've worked with and are affordable. Shoot me a pm and I will dig up their numbers for you.

Hi Angel! It's Katherine Swanberg. I have some referrals for you if you want to PM me. Nice to hear you are out and active!

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