Areas to invest

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Hey Adam,

Orange county born and raised Realtor here.  My family has been doing rehab's buy and holds and cash flow properties since I was in diapers (26+ years)  We currently own in newburgh, cornwall and highland falls NY but have owned in many of the surrounding areas as well.  

I'm currently practicing in Westchester but the family business is still very active in the Hudson Valley.

I/We are happy to help if you have any questions.

Private Real Estate Syndication Team
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I live in the Hudson Valley region and am looking for my first investment property as well. @ChrisHackey Newburgh scares me. While there are some very nice parts of Newburgh, especially down by the waterfront, there are also some very dangerous parts of Newburgh. The politics of the city have also prevented drastic changes, although I think there is always some movement or another trying to revitalize the city. @ChrisVacek I'm interested in the Highland Falls area for buy and hold. The town itself doesn't look like much but it's very close to West Point and the Bear Mountain Bridge for commuters. What types of tenants do you typically see? @AdamGlassman I'm new to the real estate game I have lived in the area my whole life so I can probably give you some input on specific places in terms of vibe/types of people/areas of interest

I too am interested in Poughkeepsie. Would like more information on the area. I know Beacon has had a nice run of revitalization, is Poughkeepsie next?

Hi All

I think Poughkeepsie has a lot of potential but the shooting and crimes just scary.  Beacon is great but it gotten so expensive and deals are hard to come by.  Going back to city Pok, the closer you are to the train station and closer to town of pok those areas are ok.

Good luck