REO's in Cleveland Ohio

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By chance do anyone know any REO's in Cleveland Ohio that write offers for their clients???

Eh? REO means Real Estate Owned. That's what banks call the properties they've repossessed. That doesn't really make sense in the context of your question.

You right @john holdman my question do not make sense because I meant to say REO agents??? My apologies on the typo ????

Moved this over to the Local Real Estate Networking and Recommendations forum.  I think you're really just looking for a buyer's agent who's willing to work with an investor.  Some agents that list REOs will work directly with a buyer, but they're not likely to write offers except on their own listings.  That's more common if you're a strong buyer (all cash, no inspections, quick closes, no wholesaling or anything like that.)  Otherwise you'll be better off with a buyer's agent who write offers on a variety of properties.  Hopefully someone will have a recommendation for you.

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