Reliable and competitive contractor in Miami Dade county, FL

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Good morning all

I am writing this post to know if there is (or if somebody knows) a reliable contractor who is able to handle light/cosmetic rehabs but also complete renovations (we currently have this need in two cases).

So far we worked with independent contractors (electrical, plumbing etc) but we would like to understand if there is around some GC who is willing to work on a permanent basis giving prices that don't kill the deals. This would be beneficial to us, as we could have somebody supervising the job dedicating more time to the research of new deals and we would like to establish a long term relationship, but so far we have been asked crazy prices compared to the others we get from separate estimations. We do understand everybody's job has to be remunerate, but we are talking about the double or more.

If there is somebody out there who can be competitive in costs, he would be welcome to contact me as we could establish a remarkable cooperation.

Thank you in advance

All the best


Being both a contractor and Real estate investor in Miami Dade county the words reasonable and reliable don't really existing in the Miami Dade construction industry.    General contractors in Miami tradionally charge 25% contractor profit on top of all the sub-contractors prices to manage a project. Where are you projects? North dade or South Dade?  The last 4 houses I did I used a guy on in Palm Beach County that is really good but it's probably too far for him to travel. 

Hi @Ray Slack  

I am in Palm Beach County and I am always looking for good contractors and other RE teams . If you would please share with me the info about the contractor you have in PBC . I really appreciate it . 


As a licensed and insured general contractor, I manage a full service kitchen and bathroom remodeling business.  Our office is in Miami near the falls shopping center.  Our areas of work include Miami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach County.  Let me know if I can be of assistance. 

Thank you all for your help, I am a dreamer and still wonder there will be a GC willing to cooperate :D

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