Augusta GA buy-to-rent market

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My first post...  Any thoughts on the condition of the rental properties' market in Augusta? I find it very appealing from many standpoints, but I am surprised at the average length of time properties stay on the market before they are sold. Can this be a sign of saturation?

Thank you. 


Hi Louri-

My name is Chadwick Heard and I am the Director of Marketing for Auben Realty. We are the only brokerage in the Augusta that specializes in Property Management and Real Estate Investing. The CSRA is a great market for rentals. The market has not fully re-bounded to the point that would make it a great market for flipping unless you are investing in Columbia County. I think that the " Days On Market" that you are referring to is a sign that the market has not fully re-bounded yet. We are in a Buyer's market right now. The market is sure to re-bound and surpass past values due to influx of jobs and the re-stationing of Cyber Command to Augusta. These are highly ranked military personnel that are being moved to the area. The city of Augusta is currently in the process of building up the infrastructure to accommodate the influx of people moving to Augusta. The best strategy right now is to do a long-term flip. Hold-n-rent the property for a couple of years then sell the property when the market rebounds. 

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any further questions,


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