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Do anyone know of any investor friendly buyers agent in MD and Northern VA area?

Post moved to the proper sub-forum. Also, maybe @Ned Carey can help. I know he's in the MD market.

Thanks for the Heads up @Mehran K.  

There are several BP members who are agents in MD. @Nancy Roth   Who is licensed in both MD and DC I believe. @Tyrus Shivers @Anil Samuel and @Denise Uhrin . Denise is not particularly active on BP. My apologies to any of my friends that I forgot. 

I can't help you with a VA agent.

@Christina R.   is also licensed in MD. Each of the people @Ned Carey mentioned can assist you and may have recommendations for agents licensed in VA. If you can provide more detail about what you are looking to do that would be helpful.

thanks Tyrus for the mention (I cant get the @ feature to work on my phone at the moment). 


OMG how did I forget to Mention @Christina R.   I knew I was forgetting someone. 

@Ned Carey  

No worries!  You covered everyone in your apology to anyone you forgot.  It's all good.

Thank You all for the advice I will reach out to the people recommended. Thanks Again!

Hey @Cedrick Grier - good to connect with you. I'm happy to help you as an agent in VA.

If anyone else is looking for an agent in the Northern Virginia area, I'm happy to help.

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