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Hi BP Members,

I was listing to one of a member's podcast and they mentioned getting major repairs/upgrades financed.  

Well, My rental property is out of state.  I have a rental property in Fayetteville, NC and it will soon need a new HVAC system (A/C needs repair).  Can anyone recommend a company in Fayetteville, NC that will finance the repair/installment of a HVAC unit?  Please recommend one that you do business with and you are satisfied with their results and that will finance this type of work.

Thank you.


NicholandSons RE, LLC

I live in Fayetteville and have a great HVAC guy but I doubt he does financing. What kind of rates are you expecting on that? Would 0% credit cards or a personal loan be a possibility.

Hi Alexander,

I appreciate you getting back to me.  I didn't have any particular rates in mind.  

I do need to find a few HVAC companies to compare prices. I had one company repair the coil in an emergency just to get tenant thru the summer. They gave me a quote last year to replace entire unit so I would like to shop around prices. I want to have this ready before it gets to hot in NC. 

I would appreciate it if you can give me the HVAC Company contact information.  

Thank you again. 


Just like Angie's list but free

Hi Bryan,

I will check the site out. Have you used this site and got good results?

Thank you for responding to my inquiry. 


I would just get it fixed.  Use a credit card to pay the bill. 

martins heating and air.

only guy I use!

Hi Alexander,

I will definitely let him know you referred me.

Thank you.  I really appreciate your help.

@Dana N.  My mom just moved from Fayetteville.  She used Best to get her HVAC replaced, and they offer financing through Wells Fargo.  Most of the larger companies will have a relationship with a bank in order to finance new systems.

Hi Dawn,

Great, I will contact Best.  Thank you so much!!!

Hi Dawn,

I would appreciate it if you can give me the HVAC Company contact information. I tried to google Best but didn't come up with this company. 

Thank you again. 

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