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Hi BiggerPockets Fam,

Im learning the way to Real Estate investing. I Have made connections with a lot of buyers and sellers. Im starting to realize that most buyers prefer off Market Properties. I am helping those buyers find these off market properties. But most of the properties I have came across have been on MLS. How do I find sellers, or ways to find leads for off market properties? This is the missing link to my equation of hopefully becoming a successful investor. Also how can I determine if a property is off market or not?

Any help would be amazing! thank you

@Alan Gordon , you need to market for potential sellers. If someone has already identified themselves as trying to sell, then they are probably listed on the MLS.

So, check out the "Marketing" forum and read about marketing for motivated sellers.  Quick answer is that is involves posting ads, bandit signs, doing direct mail etc towards absentee owners, probate properties and other lists.

The answer is good old fashioned MARKETING.  If you started a carpet cleaning business or a construction company or a maid service, you'd have exactly the same problem - how do I let people know I EXIST and what I am OFFERING?  Just like all those other businesses, the answer is marketing / advertising.  This is a business - it requires start-up capital, infrastructure, processes, people, and MARKETING.

Stop looking at Zillow, Trulia,, etc. which are just copies of what's on the MLS. Those sites are almost a complete waste of time for real estate investors. You need to get out there and find people who have not already responded to the marketing offers from real estate agents. You need to go DIRECT to the home owner.

I have a video in my BP profile here called The Search for Motivated Sellers - good stuff for people like you trying to figure this out!

"The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time." ~ Thomas Jefferson

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