Need Help Assembling My REI Team in Tampa...

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Hi-- I searched the archives before posting and found one relevant thread, but with only one response, I hope y'all won't mind if I give it a shot too.

I'm looking to build a team of wildly competent merry-men and women in the following areas. Even if you only have one recommendation in any area, I'd sure appreciate it:  

#1 Realtor: This has been incredibly more difficult than I'd have imagined. I'm looking for a motivated realtor with three qualities: 1) Experienced with multi-family properties, foreclosures, REO, short sales, etc. 2) Is reachable and responsive to my calls, texts, or email. 3) Has deep knowledge of the Tampa area markets, neighborhoods, and trends. Are these expectations unrealistic?

#2 CPA with significant real estate experience (who's also a RE investor themselves and could be patient with newbie questions).

#3 Renovation crew (plumber, electrician, general handyman, tile, drywall, windows, etc.). I can do some of these projects myself, but I won't always have the time.

#4 Title company: (great communication and willing to do a quick O&E search for a reasonable rate <$100)


#6 Real Estate attorney

#7 Inspection company

#8 Appraiser

#9 Insurance agent / company

#10 And MOST of ALL-- people that I don't even know enough yet to realize that I need ! ;)

Many thanks in advance for even a single great recommendation!



Hey @Mark J.  

I would still recommend 2 out of 3 of those guys. I have a better mortgage guy thanks to another BP member using them to buy 3 rental units using 25% down and extremely competitive rates. I only lack the renovation crew. 


Mark- I can assist with referrals for a number of the people you are looking for.

Title company- For title companies I think most people are going to charge right around $100. They don't typically make much if any money on the actual search, title searches are basically a means to getting the real business for them, the actual closings. I have a friend who owns a title company himself but is also a big investor, I use him for all of my closings. He would be glad to run any searches for you very quickly, and because he is a real estate investor himself he is familiar with any issues you are going to have as an investor as opposed to being the end user. 

Insurance agent- I have a close personal friend who I can utilize for all of my insurance needs. He is an honest guy that I can always text/call/email and get a quote in a matter of minutes, and he would be glad to help you with any quotes you are looking for. He doesn't work for one particular company so he is able to shop all the rates to make sure to get you the best rate possible. I have been able to help multiple people on here save money on their insurance by recommending him. 

Renovation crew-I have a contractor that I have used for all of my rehabs as well as any handyman work on any of the properties I manage. He has been very competitive in pricing and does good work. I have recommended him to multiple people on here in the past and they have been pleased with his work/prices as well. Tim could be out at your project the same day you call him to give you a quote and get started pretty quickly. 

I don't get compensated from the referral of any of these partners, these are all just friends of mine who do great work so I like to continue to refer them business as a thanks to the great service they always provide me. Feel free to PM me for any contact info for any of the people, they are always open to speaking to new contacts of mine and assist in any way possible. I don't want to post their names on here, I know BP sometimes frowns upon that. 

@Mark J.  

Inspector go to get one certified

Property Manager go for ARM certified

Local REIA clubs source for appraiser, title co, attorney, renovation crew.

Find an agent you like explain you will be doing multiple deals and ask who on their staff you should work with.

CPA Amanda Han is very active on BP

Good luck


Account Closed  Thank you so far for the wonderful referrals! Keep 'em coming, please! ;)

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