Need a general contractor in Seattle, WA

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I'm preparing to do a large rehab on a sfr in Seattle. Looking to get recommendations on capable general contractors in the area.

Thanks in advance! 

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This post has been removed.

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I sure hope you find one. When you do find one, hold on, and treat every deal as a win for you and for the contractor. If you do, you will be put on the top of the priority list when jobs come up. The contractor will push other jobs around to keep you happy as long as you also keep them happy. It goes a long way to show mutual respect. In reality, you both will win because the contractor will work hard for you because he/she knows that you will bring more work and pay well and on time. Luck to you.

I know a guy in the Seattle area, PM me if you want his info!

Todd looks like your post may be a year old however if your still in need a

general contractor in Seattle let me know

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