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So I've been on craigslist looking for possible part-time work with investors but have yet to get any responses back.  What would be a good way to go about getting in touch with local investors who need an assistant or project manager? Ultimately I of course want to become an investor myself, so being in the game in any way would be invaluable. 

Any advice will help, thank you.


Join your local REIA. You will find investors, agents, HML, flippers, etc...all with specific skills. If you work with a few different ones you will get a perspective on different avenues of working in real estate.

Way to go Rhonda! Stick with it, read up on the various topics of concern to investors here and make notes on how they like to work.  Consider widening your scope and becoming a 'virtual' assistant as well.  Personally, I prefer face to face work but virtual work expands your opportunities.

Demonstrate participation and knowledge in forums and you will get noticed & perhaps hired as a result.  

That's my 2 cents at least.  Perhaps some active investors will also chime in to help you understand their needs, qualifications for an assistant and how you might help in a virtual world.


Great tips RJ and John, thank you! RJ is there a specific website you know of where RE investors go to find virtual assistants? I'd like to work hands on, but it would still be good experience to assist virtually. 

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