Looking To Soak My Feet!

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Good day to everyone! I hope investments are big for everyone today! 

Seeing as I'm new and just starting out, I'm trying to get my feet as wet as possible. I'm currently attempting to transition out of a job which is not in the real estate field necessarily (Residential and Commercial Painting), and is no longer sustaining my financial needs. As stated on my profile, I'm currently enrolled in school to acquire my real estate salesperson license. In regards to a job for the time being, I was hoping to find a realtor who would be willing to take me on as their assistant in training.

I have spoken with a realtor I have personally known for years. She has given me the advice of seeking help at specific firms here in Vacaville, seeing as she has no need for an assistant nor does anyone in her office. She has mentioned that some firms have training programs but they are not always paying positions.

To be clear, I'm seeking an employment position, not a apprenticeship. 

Here are the questions I pose: 

  • What should I do to stand out and show realtors that I am capable of taking on such a role? ( I am a very confident individual and am willing to learn what is needed to progress in my endeavors. Also, I feel that informing them of my schooling would be appealing.)
  • How am I to know what realtor is the right realtor for me? (In regards to them being very professional and successful, so that I may learn as much as possible from them)
  • What hourly wage should I request if made an offer? Or do some assistants take some of their realtors' commission? (Currently I am employed at $18/hr CA and would like to drop nowhere below $15/hr. However, I understand that I am less experienced in this new field so a pay cut would be understandable.)
  • And lastly, if any realtors could, please enlighten me with any other advice you may have!

 I look forward to hearing from everyone on this topic. If I've posted this in the wrong forum, please notify me and I will adjust this. Thank you!

I am going for my real estate license this Friday(the exam.)  You might not be able to find such a position- there is not much that you can do by law, without your license. I took the course at KW. The woman at the front desk, who is an employee for now, has her license now. I don't know what she makes or her job description, though.

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