How to approach an Real estate broker

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I am interested in building a relationship with brokers and agents in the Atlanta Georgia area. How would I approach these people?

I am new at this, what would I say to a broker?

Can anyone offer advice?

I am trying to build credibility/team.




Dont sweat this at all They make money if they can sell you a house. They are very anxious to meet you. You have all the power in this relationship. Start by asking the agent what experience they have in working with investors. The average agent is really a soccer mom, and the average agent sells a pathetic 6 houses per year off of the MLS. You dont want the average agent, you want a professional. Make them sell themselves to you.

Just tell them that you are new, and you are interested in property that fits X criteria.   Tell them you are looking for a go-to agent.  If they can be that agent then all is well. Ask to be set up on an email feed of all the houses that fit your criteria. Any half way decent agent will do this for you.

@Daniel Zamora - I would suggest starting with BP members and go from there.  If you can find an agent that is also an investor, you will most likely be able to speak the same language.  

@Daniel Zamora I would agree that starting with BP is a good point to start. If the broker is on here they have a good likelihood of at least having some understanding of what you're doing. To come off as a good client to them just be sure you know what you're looking for. No one likes to work with someone who gets distracted by everything new that comes along.  Good luck!

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I am going to courthouse in Georgia

what do I look for in reference to homeowners

can someone assist me?

is this a good plan

thank you


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