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Good morning my name is Donna from Indianapolis, IN any one out here know of a good memtor local here in indy I'm looking for a memtor someone that I could truly learn from. I'm a hard worker, very disciplined, prior miltary I think with the right memtor I could be a very good real estate investor.

@Donna Bluitt

Hi Donna, 

I would be interested in talking with you to see if I could help you and let you know what type of mentorship program that I offer to see if it would be a good fit. Please send me a private message and let me know if interested. 



I specialize in strategies using no money or credit. If you are interested PM me. I call my program the best real estate program ever. I know that is a little over the top but that is my goal to take your business over the top. PM me..

@Donna Bluitt

If you are looking for a mentor I would put my vote in for @Brett Snodgrass . I know that he has mentored some new investors here in Indy and they have had great success because of it. 

My business partners have done business with Brett and are in the middle of a deal with one of his apprentices right now. The deals have all gone smoothly because Brett knows what he is doing. It helps out a great deal when the other party knows what they are doing or have at least been taught the right way. 

Don't forget to still network here on BP. There is a world of information on here. With great advice from new to seasoned investors. 

If you have a chance find some of the meetups here in Indy and get to know the investors that are out here. Everyone here in Indy is very helpful. 

@Brett Snodgrass Your welcome but that's not my company, just for clarity. FS is Ryan's and Ashley's. I am just the behind the scenes person.There is another entity that we are partnered up on that have done the deals with you guys. 

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