Networking in Raleigh, NC

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Hello everyone, 

If you are local and flip properties in the Raleigh area, I would love to network. The ideal candidate should have done several deals and has purchase power over $500,000. I am also looking for someone who work with agents and can meet within the next few days to go over details. 

Do we have anyone that flip properties in the Raleigh area who lives in the area?

Brandon, I am happy to network.  Do you have deals you are looking to wholesale.  What exactly are you looking for

I have a potential Flip ITB that only needs cosmetics but I would like to meet in person as well. Based on my due diligence of the property, there should be around a 6 figure profit margin on resell.

@Brandon Beverly I can make that work. Let me know when you want to meet to discuss the details. We just acquired our 17th flip this year. We have the money to make it happen.

Thank you @Uriah D. I will be contacting you soon.


Just met with Uriah yesterday and toured one of his deals.  He does great work.  Good luck. 

@Brandon Beverly I look forward to hearing from you.
@Daniel Leff it was great to get together yesterday. I look forward to learning from you.

Thank you both! I really appreciateyour responses and care.

@Uriah D.  Likewise.  Good luck with this one.  Let me know how it goes.

I will keep you informed.

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