tax impact by different states

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I am mostly focusing investment property n KCMO. seems KS has some good properties like op. Any one knows how investment in both KS and mo would impact tax report ? thanks.

I am a little confused from your description.
You live in Missouri and have investments in Missouri. However, you are looking to also invest in Kansas and see what the tax implications are?

As a Missouri resident - you will be taxed on worldwide income. 
1) you would file a Kansas non-resident return and report the Kansas rental income/loss and pay taxes(if applicable)
2) you would file a Missouri resident return and also report the Kansas rental income/loss. You would then get a credit for the taxes you paid to kansas.(the credit may not be 100% of the taxes paid to kansas).

Sometimes - neighboring states have reciprocal agreements where you may not have to file a nonresident state return with the other state. however, it doesn't appear to be the case with Kansas and Missouri.