95x 100 lot subdivide help. Norfolk, VA

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I have a 95 x 100 ft lot that I'm looking to split into two 47.5 x100 foot lots. The lots would be considered non conforming lots because they are under the standard of 50 x 100. I've heard that the city of Norfolk will allow you to build on both lots if you first get a surveyor to divide the lots and then go down to the city with plans. I was also instructed to put each lot in a separate business names to prevent having to go before the board for approval(which takes longer). Can anyone confirm or give advice? Thanks.

How are you going to put the lots in 2 different names if they aren't yet split?  I think you should go talk to a civil engineer that does lot splits, and knows the zoning laws, setbacks and other things that might affect being able to split the lots and see what they say. A better idea would be to go to the City Planning Department and ask them if it's possible to split the lots. Trying to get around planning or hide what you're doing to get things done faster usually backfires and causes more problems than it solves. Good luck. 

@Karen Margrave I guess the contractor was telling me to split the lots at the surveyors and sell one of them to a business or another person afterwards(before going to the city). Asking to build on non conforming lots requires you to go before the city board if you have two side by side(How it was explained). I guess I'll just go down there and see for myself. Time is very precious when you are dealing with hard money.

@Terreon Conyers Believe me I know the costs of hard money, and there needs to be a solid profit before using it.  I don't know anything about the process of splitting lots in your area. However; I have never heard of being able to split them at the surveyors and selling one like that, because how would you ever convey title to the new buyer?  Are you talking about selling it contingent upon the lot split when it records?  

I will tell you, one of the biggest things that end up causing financial ruin is getting into deals you aren't experienced enough to do, without having someone with experience working with you. Not knowing what the process is beforehand can cost a lot of time, and add up to a lot of money. Talk to someone experienced in lot splits. Good luck. 

Yep, you can’t sell one of the lots before you legally split them.....someone is giving you bad, half a$$ed advice. The appropriate building and zoning dept is where to start.

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