Structural Engineer in Kansas City

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I am currently under contract for a property and working through the inspection phase.

Does anyone know of a good structural engineer in the Kansas City area that could take a look at the foundation?  The company I am going through for the General Inspection will not provide that aspect, and I know that there is an issue.   I just don't know how much of an issue it actually is as of yet.

I have thought about getting an estimate from a foundation repair company, but at the same time would much prefer to have an independent analysis of what exactly is needed instead of hearing it from someone who can easily inflate the situation to improve their own profit.

Thanks for any tips!

I enjoyed working with Erik Messner with Foundation Engineering Specialists, LLC. Although, it's been a while, I think he's still there. PM me for his contact info if you're interested.

@Dennis S. don't call a foundation company directly! I wrote a short thing on FB about this. Anyways, call Royal Engineering or Frank Comer with PST.  If a structural permit is needed you can't get one without an engineer report. Foundation companies have to follow the engineer report. The engineer report will legally protect you.  For all those reasons - call an engineer first. 

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