Relocating and looking to network with Investors in MA and NH

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I moved from Billerica, MA 4 years ago to CO, and I've worked out a job transfer so my family can return to New England in about 1-2 months (waiting on a start date). I'm interested in connecting with investors both for finding a personal residence as well as investment opportunities in the New England area.

For investment purposes I'm primarily interested in multi-family rentals and notes and would love to network with investors in Worcester, Middlesex and Essex counties in MA, and Hillsborough and Rockingham counties in NH. The geographic limitation is based on my commute.

As for a personal residence, I've got a realtor for MA, but as there's an equal chance I could end up in NH, I'd love advice on who to work with in the areas identified.


Sounds like your looking in a large region. I'm sure it'll be nice to be back, hopefully things haven't changed too much since you've been here. If its not obvious I'll mention prices definitely have gone up a lot since you've been here! I'd be happy to talk about anything going on around here.

Always with my best,

Christopher Richardson

@Christopher Richardson I do realize it's a large area. I've actually narrowed it down a little based on cities/towns with good schools that are within about 1 hour commute of Hanscom AFB during rush hour, and within about an hour's drive of Plaistow, NH where family lives. In MA most homes currently on the market that fit my need are in the Townsend, Pepperell, Hudson and surrounding areas. In NH most homes are in or near the Merrimack, Salem and Milford communities.

I've been tracking the market through sites like Redfin, so I have a partial picture of the market.  Fortunately, the market in CO has skyrocketed during the 4 years I've been here, my own home has increased nearly 45% in value, which is the reason we can afford to move back. I figure once we've purchased our next home, I can narrow my area of focus for investment  opportunities.