Milwaukee Contractors Needed, Siding and Window Installers

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I am looking to update the exteriors of  3 or 4 duplex properties that I own in the city of Milwaukee and I would like contractor recommendations. I plan to have the siding and windows replaced on rentals that I hold which are located in the Sherman Park and Havenwooods areas and I do not want to over improve the home from an investment perspective but I would like the homes to have curb appeal. I have considered ordering the windows from Lisbon or Lowe’s but would like to save on labor by paying an installer directly. 

Any recommendations or feedback would be greatly appreciated. 

Someone just mentioned this in a different forum----Wisconsin Weatherall does replacement windows for an average of about $300-325 a window installed, including exterior wrap. Lisbon Storm, Screen & Door Inc has a ton of in stock sizes available or can also be special ordered for about $100 and up per window, of course then install is extra.