Newbie Ulster County NY

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I am buying my first property as a first-time home buyer, we have an accepted offer on a house and will be using an FHA 203k loan. Although I have not had the inspection yet (that is scheduled in 2 days), I do not anticipate the house will need too much work, the downstairs apartment needs the most work (more updating) and landscaping (dead tree removal and tons of poison ivy).

My question is do you know of any contractors that could help us out with this FHA 203K contract in Ulster County, NY. Also any advice and words of wisdom is most appreciated.

@Mallory Nogueras  I also invest in Ulster County. I have a couple contacts for contractors. Not sure if you have completed your reno already or not. I'd love to connect though and just network. I have 3 investment properties in Kingston and I'm looking to continue to grow my portfolio this year. I'm on IG @mackofalltradesny if that is easier too. :) Hope your first investment is going well!