Rock springs, WY ?? Anyone know that area

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Looking for insight on the Rock Springs, WY area. I have called the listing agent 2x and no call back. Asked on FB marketplace and groups. And short of flying there I’m trying to learn more about that market/ area. Any help would be appreciated

I'm a broker in the county north of Rock Springs. I'm considering joining the MLS down there so I can watch the market a bit myself. I've also struggled with communication with agents from RS that list in our market. I'd be happy to help out if you'd like, it would help me get a better feel for the market anyway.

I live in the area... CALL Emily at High Country Realty!! She is incredibly knowledgeable, has investment properties herself and always goes above and beyond. You will not have any issues with her. 

Hello. I am also looking to connect with investors in the Rock Springs, WY area. I picked up a house in Evanston last week and have a SFH in Rock Springs under contract to close on the 16th. It is a bit far from home base (SLC) for me to tackle myself, so I'm hoping I can connect with local investors who may be interested.

Please connect through the direct messages with any recommendations.