Looking for connections in Virginia Beach area!

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I’m currently working on getting all my ducks in the pond for my first deal! I’d like to build some good local relationships with anyone who has there hands in real estate investing. I’m also looking for some relatIvely local lender recommendations. If you know anybody from the VA area i would lIke to connect wIth them. Thanks!

I'm a week out from closing with Walnut Street Financing (HML). So far, I have had no complaints at all. Wrapping the closing, points, and interest payments into the loan. That makes it more expensive, but the flexibility is amazing. This will be my first deal with them however, so I can't attest to them from start to finish.

I'd also check out ABNB.  Their rates and terms seem fantastic.

I have had a great experience with Union Bank and Trust. I closed a larger commercial loan with them recently and they were great to work with. I am closing a SFR loan with them tomorrow that they are going to be keeping in their portfolio as well. Keep them in mind.

@Donald Walker Hello and welcome to the community. A great place to network locally is the Tidewater Real Estate Investor Group (TRIG) REIA. Lots of great people go to their monthly meetup. I use Heather Todd at Atlantic Bay as my conventional lender. PM me and I can give you her contact info and some HML referrals.
@Ernest Grindle Hello Ernest and thank you for your effort to help! If you could send their contact information that would be great! I’m having a hard time going through all the options so I’m going to try just comparing rates and see who’s easier to work with. Thanks again for your hospitality!