How to succeed using BP to fullest potential?

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Hi How do I seek my fullest potential as a Realtor using BP?  I want to gain more clients.  I have flipped 3 homes myself, worked with a handful of investors, helped many 1st time home buyers,  worked with sellers in and out of state and much more! I jumped into real estate full time after part time for 8 years.  I am looking to triple my business but need more clients to work with.  Appreciate your advice how to tackle my goals. How do I seek my fullest potential as a Realtor using BP? Thanks

@Andrew Johns Well step 1-3 is already complete. Made a profile, added a photo, and now you made a post with your goals! You are well on your way to getting the most value from BP. I am also new to this but I would also recommend adding as much value to these forums as you can like the list of top contributors to the left. Attending the FREE webinars, listening to the podcast, and any of the other amazing things found here on BP. Network with other people in your area! Start a forum with key words like Baltimore, Maryland or House flipping real estate agent. People will get notifications from key words they have set up and you will gain traction. 

Just put some time in on this site and you will see the benefit. 

Good luck! 

The main think is being active in it. Let everybody know you know what you are doing, you know your area and prove you know what you are talking about, but main thing is being active.

If you are not active in the long run, then you will waste your time.

@Andrew Johns I agree with @Alexander Wardell and @Ozzy Sirimsi get involved in the forums and check out the webinars! As Ozzy said, being active is the main key. Since you have been doing this for 8+ years, you have tons of experience you can share with others. Start a BP blog (may need to be a PRO member, not sure) and write about your experiences, tell the stories of your flips, and post about your work as an agent helping people find their homes. Not only will the blog be beneficial to catalog your journey, but will also help show other members that you have a track record. 

To get in touch with more potential clients you can attend the local meetups and get familiar with local investors and see if you can help anyone with their property searches. As someone on the agent side, you have tons of valuable knowledge you can share with investors to help them be successful and in turn help yourself be successful. Best of luck! 

@Andrew Johns here is a good post on how to Use BP to build your business.

The best way to grow your business here is to provide good information for readers. Answer questions, make blog posts, you can add to that by becoming a pro member and placing ads in the market place. . @Russell Brazil is a great example of how to build your business and your reputation here on BP.

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