Looking to network in Rhode Island

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Hi everyone, I'm Tiana and I'm new to real estate investing. I've been listening to the bigger pockets podcast, reading loads of different articles, and have been attending a small local meetup for investing. I'm kind of experiencing some information overload. Looking for anyone to talk to or meet up with to bounce ideas off of, and kind of help paint a clearer picture.

@Tiana Perry I’ll be happy to help you, either as someone you can connect with or bounce ideas off of, etc.

I’d also recommend attending the bigger investment group that meets in Warwick monthly, and identifying a few folks there you seem to have a good connection with, inviting them out for coffee and exchanging contact info, etc.

And of course, Bigger Pockets is almost by definition a great place you can bounce ideas off so multiple other investors :)

Hi @Tiana Perry ,

Welcome aboard!  The education piece of investing can be overwhelming, for sure.  I would definitely second Anthony's suggestion about the Warwick meeting.  I'd also be happy to chat with you as well at any point.  

Once you narrow down your goals and strategy (if you haven't already), it gets easier to weed out a lot of the extraneous information.  I was where you are not long ago, and it can be a challenge to be disciplined and focus on information that will help you reach your goals.  I still find myself getting distracted with the other "shiny objects" of investing and need to reign myself back in every so often :)

Good luck on your journey!

Good question @Tiana! I'm not sure it's a comprehensive list, but I always make sure to bring a notebook and a pen. I think there's a small entry fee, maybe $10, it's listed on the website. It's NBD but technically it is also something you should bring :D