Jacksonville Florida Anyone?

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Hello BiggerPockets Community,

I’ve noticed that we only have a few real estate investor events/groups locally in Jacksonville Florida/ Northeast Florida. Please comment on this post if you are local. I’d be happy to organize an event for us all to meet.

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I ve been around Jax since 1975, 29 years USPS, I know all the Zip codes. I have or have had property in 32210, 21, 44, 32073 32068 32058, Been investing off and on since 1989. We buy smart primarys and live in rehab  them, then rent them and do it again, and  Buy and sell land and tax deeds on the side.

@Tucker Jones Thanks for commenting and connecting. I frequently travel to St. Augustine. I’ve been wanting to purchase a vacation rental near the downtown area for some time, but I haven’t come by the right property or management company. Let me know if you know of any opportunities or great vacation rental managers.

Hi everyone. I am new here to the BP forum and new to RE investing. This is actually my first ever post/reply on the forum! I am located here in Jacksonville also and am looking to meet other investors to learn more and meetups sound like a great way to do that.

@Greg Hansen I actually saw this July meetup scheduled at Wicked Barley last week and marked it on my calendar and am hoping to attend as well. Looking forward to getting to know other investors here in Jax!

I think a group would be great. I own a real estate company in Jacksonville 32225 and our primary focus is property management. I received my real estate license in 2004 and have worked in real estate & property management for the past 15 years. I'm intersted in meeting. Take care, Matt MacDonald 

I live just North of St. Aug but work downtown Jax for a REIT.

Would love to finally meet up with some like minded folks and possibly leverage each other and make new contacts/friends/partners in the process.

Like several others mentioned, I live in North St Augustine (WGV) and work in Jax. I have owned one rental out of necessity (bought my first primary in 2005) but would like to start acquiring cash flow units. Trying to learn all I can on BP and listening to the Podcasts but would like to meet up with the local community.

If any of you guys are interested, I just created a group on Facebook for real estate investors in St. John's County/Saint Augustine. I live in Saint Augustine and looking to get a monthly meeting together for our area. The Facebook page is St. John's County REI