Househacking on VA loan in SA Texas. Looking for an agent

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Hello all,

The wife and I will be stationed in San Antonio Texas for another 3 years on a controlled tour. We are wanting to househack a duplex/multiplex using the VA loan for the remainder of our time here. We plan on getting the loan by this August (our lease ends in October). Are there any San Antonino Real Estate agents out there that would want to help us on the search?

Thank you in advance!


Great idea, here are some steps prior to August - 

  • Start the pre-approval process in order to understand budgeting (it will last six months).
  • Start saving up cash if possible. Even though VA does not require money down, it is important to have cash for multiple reasons.
  • VA requirements for multi-family please go here -
  • Start looking at locations.  Depending on where you're stationed there are certain areas you do not want to be or buy.  I assist with this, but it is always good to start researching.  How far do you want to drive and how much time do you want to be in traffic?
  • For resell and rent demand of course school districts are an important factor.

I hope this helps, please reach out on any questions.  James Bigley, Keller Williams, REALTOR.