Need BRRRR Friendly Bank in Luzerne County PA

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I am looking for a bank or credit union (preferably a local) that will let me BRRRR my investment properties in Luzerne County Pennsylvania. I have several properties in the area however my current bank will only give me 75% of the purchase price of the home which kind of defeats the point of BRRRR'ing the property. I need a bank that will give me 75% of the ARV so I can pull my cash out and find another property. Thanks in advance.

@Robert Young

When you BRRRR, most folks need to work with non-traditional lenders for the buying and rehabbing part. You could, for example, look for hard money or private money. You may need to leverage your other assets to get the money for that part. Traditional lenders typically enter the picture at the refinance stage.

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Chris K,  thank you.  I am looking to pay cash for my deals, do the rehab and then get a mortgage. My current bank is a small local bank but they will only go off the sale price that I paid which won't account for any forced appreciation that I put into the property during the rehab.