Using Real Estate experience for the good of the community.

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I live in a rural area where I bought one of my foreclosures a few years ago. It is a small community and we have a volunteer Fire dept. I joined the fire dept to help with the needs of the community as much as I can. Our fire dept has been just had our ISO status reduced, and all but about 1/3 of our district is reaping the benefits of reduced insurance premiums.
I was looking for the next deal and noticed a sweet deal that would give the district the substation it needs. I just used my experience and connections to get it under contract for the fire dept. now a new station, and the rest of the community will reap the benefits of my experiences. I was told they were happy I helped , they would have never been able to put this deal together.

I have been blessed by helping my community! Giving back is my Reward!

This makes us to think twice that we have an obligation to contribute to our community by paying back.  Most investors only think about property for the sake of taking profit or creed often neglect there is a human side touch as well. All the best.

Sam Shueh