AtoZ properties LLC South Jackson, MS

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Does anyone have experience dealing with AtoZ properties in South Jackson? If so I’m interested in knowing more about your experience in dealing with them and learning more about their owners financing options. Thank you in advance

Originally posted by @Victor J Valera :

@Jay Hinrichs Tanja Adams

I  know Tanja well ..

and of course no one has lent more money on South Jackson properties than I have over the last 20 years.

and as you know its very block to block and property specific.

you may want to shoot me a PM I do have some hold over inventory that I am selling off I sold 4 this week to a local there all no money down.

but these need rehab.. 

I do prefer North East Jackson though for longevity anything on the East side of 55 and basically north of  Lakeland.. also like Pearl for the 100 to 130k homes.