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Hey Guys, looking to start my journey in real estate and I am scared to death but know what I want to do. I want to start with live and flip ( already been 2 years in this house) and than do some flip and than do rentals looking at 10 or more ( looking to be part of the FIRE circle).

Anything that you guys can share on how to go with the live and flip to start and any recommendations on great GC in the Port saint lucie area. Thanks for all upcoming help! Really scare but I know i can do it

Congrats on the decision - big step! For a live and flip, room by room is best so as to not disrupt your life or budget too much. This depends on how fast you want to get going. With FIRE, assuming you won't take on any more debt, I would go room by room and hire for those jobs that would take you too long or be too expensive to do yourself. If you're going with a GC, there are books such as David Greene's two that will help you find the right GC. I'm not from PSL, but either way, I would follow DG's advice.

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