Reliable Contractor in Memphis please...

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I have a friend who is thinking of selling his 4 bed/2 bath investment home in the Memphis area. The home needs some work to update things. Anyone know a contractor who might be interested in taking a look and providing an estimate? Main concern is finding a contractor that will do the work and is reliable. Thanks in advance!!

@Richard Phan Memphis is a great market, with that being said it’s very difficult to find reliable and honest contractors. We’ve got a few that we use regularly. Please be very careful with trusting property managers. We had a terrible experience with Crestcore in Memphis. They’re very dishonest and extremely unethical. In our opinion, they’re one of the most dishonest providers in the Memphis market. We wouldn’t let them touch any of your projects.

@Koleton Daley , Richard asked for contractor recommendations, you said in your post that you have some that you use regularly! Are you going to actually help and share your contacts or is your sole purpose in using this platform to try and slam Crestcore??? 

@Stephen Akindona he asked for recommendations and all we did was voice our PUBLIC OPINION/RECOMMENDATION. Do you have a problem with us posting our PUBLIC OPINION, ON THIS PUBLIC FORUM? We’ve given our contractors out to several people as well as made contact with an immense number of groups that have similar issues with Crestcore. If he would like to reach out, we would be more then happy to share those details along with the list of people that have actually used our contractors since we’ve been posting our public opinion. We would be more then willing to also share the list of individuals who have come forward and actually thanked us for posting about our public opinion. That is what we call TRANSPARENCY, and in our opinion, CRESTCORE IS NOT TRANSPARENT OR HONEST/ETHICAL. He asked for recommendations, we simply voiced our opinion and offered him a recommendation to avoid Crestcore. Opinions are great things, we’re sorry that our opinions don’t align with your views or those of your friends, the owners of Crestcore.