Gathering Landlord forms

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I am aware that BP offers, for purchase, legally reviewed landlord forms to members. With this being said, I still am looking for references for a local lawyer or service serving Cleveland's west side to review such forms prior to use. I have also researched local city sites for their references and sample forms and templates as a starting point. Any thoughts/recommendations?

You should be able to go to any real estate attorney in order to have them provide a lease. For an additional fee they will usually put together a template you can use for all future tenants so you don't have to go to the attorney every time. I did my own research and created my own forms for the other documents you may need as a landlord (rental application, move in/ out inspection form, orientation (rules, expectations, etc.), late notice, etc.

@Dan Travieso thanks for the advice, I had a decent amount of research already done and actually reached out to a previous landlord who I, as a renter, had a good experience with....she was happy to provide the attorney she used along with other references for accountants, handymen, and contractors.