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Hello Everyone, 

I am Carlos and I have just discovered about real estate investment. I am currently renting here in Barcelona city. Me and my partner decided that we want to relocate and buy a property. Instead of renting high price here in the center. 

My plan is to buy a property where will be living and then when we get settled i want to start and invest already in rental properties as well. 

Does anyone know of good areas near Barcelona to live in? preferably with good commute transportation. 

i have been searching in the internet most results are in badalona and santa coloma, I have visited badalona but just once don´t know that much and as for santa coloma dont really know anything about it. 

I am also searching maybe more outside barcelona. I do not know because it has been years i have been living in barcelona area as an expat. Barcelona center is expensive already to buy a property. 

Thank you. 

Hey @Carlos Bautista

I don't have much experience in Barcelona area but I can recommend you Tarragona. If you don't mind to travel an hour or so to get to Barcelona center in think it could be a good place to settle.

If you don't mind to live in a smaller city you have many options on the coast between Tarragona and Barcelona. Also, property prices are much lower but to commute to Barcelona is still doable.

I live in a small town on the coast after Tarragona and I know many people who travel every day to BCN by train (~2 hours one way) so it's not impossible.

@Carlos Bautista , it depends a lot on your preferences/strategy.

Do you have a clear idea of what your budget will be, how far away from Barcelona you would like to live, with what characteristics you will feel most comfortable, etc. 

Badalona could be a good idea if you are searching a location close to Barcelona and reachable with metro, or for Tarragona the same story a bit further with train. Also Sant Cugat is a very pleasant place.

@Carlos Bautista , btw, I'm now thinking. Why not join us the group that we created so you can ask this question and get responses from multiple investors in the Barcelona area? We are organizing monthly meet up events (currently digital) and I'm sure you will get a direction there. Will send a PM