Meetup in Atlanta!!! LET'S GO!!

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I would love to meet up in Atlanta with other real estate investors, developers, agents, private money lenders, hard money lenders, syndicators, and wholesalers! Anything and Everything having to do with real estate!

I want this to be a meet-up where we can connect with anyone and everyone that has to do with real estate!

Where we can all come together to try to help one another in all things in REAL ESTATE!! As you can tell, I LOVE real estate and all things that have to do with it! The ups the downs.... You name it! I love it all and passionate about it!

So, if you or know someone that would love to meet face to face, let me know! Let's get a group together and make a difference in each other's life!

Please message me and or comment below, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you!

Crystal Lou

Hello @Crystal Lou ,
Glad to see how excited you are about REI. There are several great meet ups in Atlanta, most of us are still virtual right now but will be IRL soon. Each one has a different focus or meeting structure. There are a couple of REIA's as well, but you could have the same networking and coaching at a variety of locations for no membership fee.

Check out REIGN Atlanta on FB and here on the Events Page for a group discussion style meetup on Wednesday at 6:30pm.

Atlanta Real Estate Investing Meetup is also on FB and Events on BP. They provide a speaker style meetup.