Atlanta, Georgia

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I believe that Sandy Springs is a great area to invest in, you really have to do your home when it comes to specific areas in that area though. Price values very drastically street by street.

I am also currently doing deals in the Lithonia, Redan, and Stone Mountain area. They were all hit hard in 08-09, prices dropped from 150k to the 30-45k range and most recently (2012-13) Im seeing investor pay as much as 75k and climbing in 2014. There has and is a lot of competition going on in the Dekalb area with these Hedge fund investors (investors that can afford to over bid on properties and sit on them for 5-10yrs before they see a decent rate of return).

@Barrington Ferguson Jr Every deal that comes across my desk in Sandy Springs sells within an hour, given that the property is researched by the acquisition agents here and deemed to be in a growing part of town.  Be careful when looking at similarly priced homes across from each other on major streets like Mt. Vernon!  One side of the street could be safe and then a mile down the street in the opposite direction could lead you to a location that you do not want to invest in.

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