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Hello my fellow investors, Im wondering if I should invest in a RE property analysis software program? I went to a investor seminar where the guru's said they use "Propstream", which looks like a good site, but was wondering if anyone uses it themselves, and if so do you like it? Does it make research easier in areas around the US? Are there any other programs or software that any one who is a experienced investor likes better? There are a couple reviews online, but they're old, and the company responded that they had done some upgrades and fixes. Please be detailed in your response, Thank you in advance!

@Schelley Stamps

What do you want your software to do?

I run most of my evaluations for individual properties in Excel. I've tweaked the sheet over the years, but it's much the same it was in 2004 when I started.

You mentions research. What types are you looking to remember? Research is straight forward. Remembering what you did 9 months ago while conducting that research is another thing all together.

Hi, Shelley,

Mind if I ask which "guru" sells PropStream? ...and what they charge for it? (Cost to acquire? ...monthly charges?)

I've found that the major challenges data aggregators face is that there are as many ways to retrieve data as there are counties in the US. Some counties are still not "digital" or at least if they are they're not web-accessible or aggregator-friendly.

So, whether you're using PropStream, some other software or going through Zillow, Trulia or another web-based data access there still will be properties where data is not available or not provided/complete.

Dunno if this helps...

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