Going Rate For Home Inspection - Brick 4 unit, 2 units each side?

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I received a quote of $825. This is my first one and not sure if it is high or not. Building is about 4300 sq. ft. Property located in Chicago.

I am waiting on return calls from 4 more inspectors. Figured I would also ask the BP nation.

I think I paid $550 for 3 units. We love our inspector and use him for everything. PM me if you want his info.

Brianna Schmidt do you also have a contractor perform a walk thorough at the same time for a quote? Or is the inspection report detailed enough to pull repair estimates from?

You can call my scheduling department and they can give you pricing on any building that you like.

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@George Foster thanks for the info. But I found a inspector earlier, I will keep you in mind for the next one.

Sounds good..good luck!

@Al Turner I walk through with my contractor during the inspection period. I have found that you can drown in the details of an inspection report. If you want that type of granularity then go for it. I'd rather save the money and put it towards the rehab.

Hi @Al Turner

It sounds a little on the high side compared to how much I typically pay. How much did the inspector cost that you ended up choosing?

Typically residential inspectors won't give a cost to cure - it's not what they're paid for and I've found they're uncomfortable even giving a ballpark estimate. You need to get a contractor in there.

Let us know if you end up picking it up

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