The One Minute Property Evaluator!

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Hello, BP!

That's right!  I have created a quick and simple tool for you all to use to evaluate both single family and multi-family properties in only one minute!

I have read many blogs and forum posts regarding the infamous 50% rule and have been working my own spreadsheet.  This one lets you analyze multiple purchase prices at once after inputting the number of units, average rent, estimated expenses (40%, 50%, etc), and a down payment!  The result is shown in a table as the total monthly cash flow, which is then highlighted based on a minimum cash flow per door.

I'm sure something has been forgotten or has an error, so I would love any and all feedback you have.  Click here to take a look and see what you think!


@Drew MacDermott  

One of the requirements of a rule-of-thumb is that it be simple enough you can do the math in your head while talking to the vendor's agent ;-)

Spreadsheets are for detailed discounted cash flow analysis and/or Monte Carlo simulations.

That said, building a spreadsheet is a sure way to ensure you know the material yourself {we have a fairly elaborate one which handles properties in either Canada or the US which we are continuously improving as we better understand the nuances of US lending and taxation}.

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