How does this plan sound to you?

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hello BP Nation. i am a newbie wholesaler. right now building my end-buyers list. went to listsource and located the absentee owners in all the zip codes in my area. i was going to target the zip codes with the highest number of purchases first. yellow letters  for the end buyers, bandit signs for the motivated sellers.  ploy ads on craigslist for end buyers. gonna check D.O.T. for traffic counts for sign placement.  2 #s for contact. also get my question lists for both parties prepared ahead of time. looking for a real estate attorney to have in advance. hope to do a double closing.and have a good exit strategy. this is only one of the systems i will use for the moment. what do you think? whats missing? i know there are some other details needed but is this a good basic plan to start with?

@Kenneth Bradford  

That sounds like a fine plan.

In my experience, the key to the process you are describing is consistency and persistence.

Take it from somebody who actively pursued wholesaling: drove for dollars, created a mailer list, posted bandit signs and distributed two mailer campaigns. Only to essentially give up because I did not get immediate results.

Don't be me.

Consistence and persistence.

@Kenneth Bradford   sounds like you have done your homework...though, I am not a fan of bandit signs...I think they are illegal in your city, and carry fines. Best of luck

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